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Cheryl Hussey
Born in Massachusetts
13 years
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This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Cheryl Erin Hussey who was born in MassachusettsHaverhill on June 13, 1980 and passed away on September 14, 1993 at the age of 13. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.



Streets Of Heaven


Sherri Austin

Well, it must be kind of crowded,
On the streets of Heaven.

So tell me: what do you need her for?

Don't you know one day she'll be your little girl forever.
But right now I need her so much more.
She's much too young to be on her own:
Barely just turned seven.
So who will hold her hand when she crosses the streets of Heaven?
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 When a loved one is lost we often try to imagine them a a beautiful place, free of pain and sadness. I am part of an online forum that offers support, advise and inspiration for those using Serif Software. It is an amazing program that I love and highly recomend. DrawPlus is a fantastic program that in the hands of a true artist can yield incredible results. One such artist is Andrew Sadler who lives in Essex in the south of England. He created an absolutley beautiful protrait of Cheryl using the digital paint brushes in DrawPlus. I believe that trough "aNDY," Cheryl is letting me know she is happy and at peace. A mere thank you isn't enough for this generous work of art....... 

Getting to know Cheryl through my painting is something

I will cherish and  remember  forever.